A note on the Warleigh Hall Jane Austen series

Alice McVeigh first conceived the idea for the series when she began to wonder how the characters from different Austen’s novels might interact, were they to meet. From there, it was only a step to imagining a plausible timeline.

The first in the series introduces Austen’s beautifully heartless Lady Susan when she was only sixteen, and takes place both in London (where she is adopted as protegee by Lady Catherine de Bourgh) and in Hunsford, Kent. It takes place a year before Austen’s Emma, and five years after Mr Darcy marries Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice

Her second book (Harrieta Jane Austen Variation) will also be published in 2021.

Books in the series will be published in order of events (Harriet takes place the year after Susan, A Jane Austen Prequel.) However, like Austen’s own novels, they can be read in any order. 


A Jane Austen Prequel

Susan - a jane Austen prequel, by Alice McVeigh

Quarter-finalist (rated 10/10) in Publishers Weekly’s BookLife Prize, 2021
Winner of the Global Book Awards (gold medal, historical)
First Place in PenCraft Book Awards (historical)
Awarded IndieReader’s B.R.A.G. medallion

Recently longlisted for Chanticleer’s Goethe Award (historical fiction, post 1750)

#1 Amazon bestseller in three categories

Rated 5/5 by Midwest Book Review, IndieReader, US Reviews of Books (recommended), SPR, Indies Today, Readers Favorite, ManyBooks, ChickLIt Cafe and others


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